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Road Safety Division

Road Safety Division enjoys strategic partnerships with a number of global partners from Europe, USA and Asia. Since July 2011 we have been working closely with Government Authorities, private companies, government investment Funds, Consultant Firms, NGOs, and individuals, to pave the way for safer roads in the MENA reign.

We aim to undertaking quality, road safety consulting projects which will enable our clients to implement innovative solutions to tackle road safety issues and reduce the high fatality rate caused by traffic accidents (Oman: 30.4 road traffic death rate per 100 000 of the population) throughout Oman and the GCC countries. It is worth to be mentioned that the government of Oman yearly spending in transport sector exceed 3 billion Omani Rials.

Our methodology focus on road design and traffic engineering through utilising research, monitoring of road crashes, problem identification, to design remedial treatments and removal of all critical points (black spots) to the safety of the road network.

GRS technologies play a significant role in enhancing road safety standards and enforcing road user safe behaviour. These technologies include:

- Speed limits and speed management
- Blackspot, mass action and elimination
- Road safety audit
- Accident analysis
- Roadside hazard management
- Safety for vehicle drivers, pedestrians, and motorcyclists
- Evaluation of remedial treatments and effectiveness of implemented technologies

Our products and solutions cover the following areas:

- Vertical Barriers (Unique Bollards stand for more 1600 hits)
- Guardrails and Safety Roller Guards
- Crash Cushion System & Crash Cushion Protection system
- Intelligent LED Chevron System with synclinal operation
- Road Studs & Reflectors (visibility of 1km distant)
- Road Signs (LED Spotlights, Traffic signs with LEDs)
- Pedestrian Crossing System & Pedestrian Tracking System
- Wrong Way Detector System
- Vehicle Tracking System
- Road Marking (Thermoplastic, Cold Plastic, Premark Thermoplastic, Solvent Paint)
- Intelligent Parking Solutions

Our Product Range