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Renewable Energy Solutions

We would like to introduce the company ( Renewable Energy Solutions LLC), which will be in the business of Renewable Energy , Production and Supply of Products, Installation, Operation and maintenance , residential ,industrial and Governmental Projects..
We have a well-defined business model and our products and services should always meet with great customer satisfaction .We will offer our excellent quality products and service at a very competent price and will have never been known to compromise on the quality of our product and service.
In order to offer the best range for our customers in terms of quality and cost, we should depend on reputed suppliers who manufacturer products in their own facilities and controls the whole value chain of its products.
Our major products will be from Europe or USA. It will be from one of the biggest Solar Panel factories in the world.
The major products could be manufacturing according to international standards with latest technology and European or US quality standards. Manufacturing in its own facilities enables cost optimization and control of highly technical products. Furthermore, an optimized supply chain means deliveries can be made of the whole range of Renewable Energy Products., fully compliant with the requirements of the most demanding customers.
The strength of RES will be based on these foundations: The Cost effectiveness, High quality, Wide range of products and excellent service.
Our range of products will include Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Waste Processing and Electricity Generation Plants etc.


RES will be working to protect the environment from damage by providing and Promoting Renewable Energy Sources. Protection of the environment to assure the environment will be preserved for the future generations of Human Beings and Living Organisms. Always in its operation RES will invest its maximum possible abilities to keep minimum negative impact to our Environment.


We would strive to be the Leading Organization in the Middle East Region, Providing High Quality Renewable Energy Products and Services to the Industry. To grow with the Society in which we coexist, we use Modern, Environment friendly Products with latest Technology to minimize negative impact to the Environment in which we coexist with all other Living Organisms.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy.

RES QHSE Management System reflects that of our mission which is to become one of the leading providers of products and services to the Industry and to provide the foundation for continuous development.
To be winning, we will fulfill or exceed the expectation of our customers and principles by being adaptive, innovative, meticulous and proactive. RES will be in the frontline in implementing HSE systems.
RES QHSE management system is designed to support RES to achieve the goals and objectives. By doing so, the RES QHSE management system will help us to deliver added value to all our stakeholders.


We deal with products of Renewable Energy Generation like Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Waste processing and Electricity generation systems etc.

Our Product Range