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Future Technologies L.L.C (Oilfield Accessories Division).

We would introduce our exclusive division for Import and Trading of Cementing products in the Sultanate of Oman and GCC. We offer a complete line of both welded and non-welded Bow Centralizers, Float Equipment and other accessories for Oil and Gas Drilling Industry. These product design and manufacturing expertise has been developed by experience, field knowledge & exposure to the technology by our overseas partner, throughout the world.

In a short span of time we would start manufacturing all our products in Oman with the technology partnership of our overseas partner.

Our products are designed, assembled, tested and inspected by its facility which is equipped with modern machines and testing equipment including heat treatment, state of art press shop, machine shop, paint shop and are manufactured with Rigid Quality Control. Quality Management Systems are fully practiced and adhered to as per API Specification Q1 and ISO 9001 – 2000.

Future Technologies L.L.C., production team calculates the total load on centralizer at each deflection and prepares a Load Deflection Curve using arithmetic average of force readings. This determine the Restoring force specified in the API 10D spec.

In addition to API testing us also perform the following test considering extreme conditions which these product may encounter. Tensile Stress test on these Centralizers is done to ensure that even a severely damaged Centralizer will remain intact rather than damage the completion process and the Compression test are conducted to ensure that even badly distorted centralizer bows will not fracture and leave metal fragments in the well.

Our philosophy is to provide best possible solution to any centralizing problem. As adequate planning and engineering is critical for the success of any cementing job. Good Centralization is necessary to obtain good mud removal which is only achievable by correct selection of the Centralizers and their installation pattern.


Products dealt with our division are the following.

Cementing Plugs, Cementing float Equipment, Cement Baskets,

Solid Rigid Centralizers, Single Piece Bow Spring Centralizers, Thermo Plastic Spiral Blade Centralizers, Stop Collars, Rigid Bow Centralizers, etc.

Other Oil and Gas drilling accessories are available on demand.



Cementing plugs are the rubber plugs which are used to separate the cement slurry from fluids. These are designed to match the industry standard.

The main features are:

*It is compatible with oil-based mud, water-based mud, and synthetic-based mud system.

*These are available in different size combinations and several types of design.



Cementing is the process of mixing of cement slurry. Primary cementing is the process of placing a cement slurry around a casing.

The main purpose of primary cementing is to form a continuous and competent cement sheath within the well bore annulus. So that it control and prevent fluid migration between permeable zones.



Oilmec Cement Baskets assist in supporting an upper cement column at the time of cementing operations. The cement baskets, we have consists of both slip-on as well as hinged type.

The slip-on type and the hinged type cement basket can be normally installed between slip-on type stop collars or stop collar or hinged camp over the casing to hold them in a place.

We have basically two primary styles of cement baskets.

*Slip-on Canvas Cement Basket

*Slip-on Welded Cement Basket



Solid Rigid Centralizer is specially designed to minimize unwanted removal of well cake and to run the casing easily. It is ideal for highly deviated or horizontal wells. In other words, it is absolutely appropriate for Liner Hanger.

Oilmec solid rigid centralizer is fabricated from supreme quality material steel construction which ensures that extra strength and superior toughness for standoff performance in at affordable price to our customers.

These centralizers are made shock resistance and with optimum tensile and yield strength.

Both the types of solid rigid centralizer are available here: ‘Straight Blade’ and ‘Spiral’. By running on the casing OD, they are used to centralize the casing.

This casing is to be cemented in the wellbore. This also improves the bonding of cement in the casing.

These centralizers are designed in such a way that it reduces the amount of friction created between hole and the casing.

This allows the casing to be inserted into the wellbore more easily. Thus, preventing the string of the casing to be stuck.

These centralizers are perfectly tested and are appreciated for their quality standoff and usage before they are dispatched.



The Single Piece Welded Bow Spring Centralizer (Oilmec Crown) is newly designed integrated steel flexible Centralizer used to centralize casing during the cementing stage of oil wells. Single Piece Centralizer (Oilmec Crown) meet or exceed API 10D specifications.

Single Piece Centralizers (Oilmec Crown) is designed for tight tolerance applications. It performs very well in open hole as well as in cased hole. Single Piece Centralizer Combine The Highest Restoring Force With The Lowest Starting Force.



Thermoplastic Solid Rigid Centralizers are made of special engineered polymer material to meet the various well conditions. This material has high abrasion resistance for maximum stand off and can withstand in wells having temperature upto 400° F temperature. It has low coefficient of friction and ultimate drag forces for performing excellent in deviated and horizontal wells. These centralizers are impact resistive having optimum tensile and yield strength.

The Vanes of these centralizers are designed to have improved hole cleaning by filter mud cake removal and enhanced localized turbulence for improved cementing.

These centralizers are provided with swage rings at both its ends to enhance strength. Straight or Spiral vanes are available for various requirements. These centralizers are also available with set screws to make it rotation free.



Oilmec has five primary styles of Stop Collars. The main motive of these stop collars is to keep centralizers and other casing attachment in proper place on the casing.

Oilmec offers both hinged and slip-on style of stop collars and are available in all sizes.

Features of hinged stop collars include:
*The hinged stop collars, when properly installed can hold up to 7,000 lb. of force.
*The hinged stop collar can be easily installed to casing.
*Friction stop collar are used adequately when the condition of the well is normal.
*Hinged set-screw stop collar are used for increasing holding force. It is first places and centered on the pipe. Then through the open hinge, a nail is installed, followed by tightening the set screw uniformly.
*These are specifically designed to hold up to 15,000 lb of force.

Features of slip-on stop collars include:
*Onto the end of casing, slip-on set-screw stop collar is slipped to the desired location, up to the top of the joint.
*Slip-on set-screw stop collar are then tightened around 35 ft-lbf.
*The force that slip-on set-screw stop collar can hold is up to 20,000 lb.
*These are specifically designed foe the installation of cement baskets and different designed centralizers as well as for close-tolerance liner jobs and are available in all casing sizes.
*As per requirement, for tight clearances, slip-on stop collar are available where as for semi-tight clearances, hinged stop collar are available.



Oilmec Rigid Bow Centralizers are made up of solid steel bars or cast iron. It has a fixed blade height and are specifically designed to fit a casing or hole size.

This centralizer is rugged and made suitable to work well even in deviated well-bores, despite of the side force.

Centralizers may be of two types. – Rigid Bow Centralizers – Semi-rigid Bow Centralizer

Rigid Bow Centralizers

During the pipe rotation, this ensures a guaranteed standoff function as bearings.

This helps in setting casing slips at the surface and allows cement completely surround casing for an adequate cement sheath.

By reducing the frictional force, they can provide much smoother running capability. This also helps in rotation and reciprocation.

Inside previous casing, they allows up to 95% standoff. No other can beat for efficient operation of numerous stage equipment. And also it gives a good reinforcement to the cement column.

Semi-rigid centralizer

Semi-rigid centralizer shows both the features of bow-spring as well as the rigid centralizers.

These are made of double crested bows. This double crested bow restores the exceed standard forces and hence, perform certain functions, generally associated with rigid centralizers.

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