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Future Technologies LLC (FT) Energy Saving Division provides creative solutions and services which bring latest technologies towards energy saving . GIT is aimed to deliver sustainable energy saving solutions that are guaranteed to improve our client’s bottom line.

FT is the exclusive distributor for BEST energy saving technology in Oman

BEST is a British company provides energy saving solutions and technologies in UK and invented an energy management solution that provide visibility of energy consumptions that helps organizations to control and reduce energy consumptions between 10% to 40% savings

How we can help our clients

1. Future Technologies LLC provide consultancy service to identify the consumption of the Energy.

2. We provide your energy breakdown (lighting, cooling, machines, appliances...etc) from your total consumption.

3. We identify your waste energy areas and provide adequate solutions.

4. We install devices to bring down the energy consumptions from 10% to 40% of your electricity bills.

5. We work closely with all Omani Electricity Companies and we aim to help companies who are high consumption.

Eniscope is the right Solution for your Energy Consumption


Energy Management Ecosystem

“The system should collect data from all the major loads to provide the required degree of visibility and will include electricity, gas, water, steam, heat, coolness, fuel oil or other parameters as appropriate..”




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