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We would like to introduce our exclusive division Future Technologies. LLC .We have been in the business of Road Safety Products, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and Fire and Safety Products supply. We are operative in the field of Erecting of Turn-key projects in Renewable energy segment and Energy saving related services.

We have the Patronage of Mr. Saeed Ahmed Al Rezaiqi who is our Chairman, has been involved business activities in Oman for long time. Our leadership consisting of high profile professionals, with well-established track record. Our services have always created great customer satisfaction. We offer our best service at a very competent price and have never been known to compromise on the quality of our products and service.

In order to offer the best range for our customers in terms of quality and cost, we depend on suppliers who manufacturer products in their own factories and controls the whole value chain of its products.

We are the exclusive dealer for beswift PPE products from UK is one of the leading organizations exclusively dealing with PPE and having a network of dealers in all continents of the world. The products of beswift Includes Helmets, Safety Glasses, Safety uniforms, Safety shoes, Reflective outfits, fall arresters, Lanyards, Eyewash stations, First aid kits etc.

Our major foot protection product is GIASCO safety boot made in Italy are one of the BEST QUALITY safety shoes in the world. All GIASCO products are manufacturing according to international standards with latest technology and Italian comfort levels. Manufacturing in its own factories enables cost optimization and control of highly technical products. Furthermore, an optimized supply chain means deliveries can be made of the whole range of safety shoes fully compliant with the requirements of the most demanding customers.

Our own registered brand SAFER GEAR is for custom made PPE products which are manufactured in India, China, and Taiwan etc. We can supply customized designs with logos for safety coveralls and other uniforms with best quality and best price. All manufacturing facilities of SAFER GEAR brand are with international quality and safety standards.

The strength of Future Technologies LLC is based on the basic values namely Cost effectiveness, High quality, Wider range of products and Best Customer care.

We are holding the dealership of some other brands of PPE products as well.

Our wide range of products also include Helmets, safety shoes, Coveralls, Face shield, welding helmets, Helmet Accessories, Bump Caps, Respiratory masks and cartridges, Ear Defenders, Ear Plugs, Disposable masks, fabric supported coated gloves, leather gloves, welding gloves, textile gloves, cut and heat resistant gloves, nitrile latex coated gloves, latex and synthetic gloves, chemical gloves, unsupported dipped gloves, disposable gloves, disposable work wear, body protection items like work wear, high visibility vest, protective aprons, ,coverall, hospital and other uniforms, flame retardant coverall, anti-acid, anti-static and flame retardant coverall, rain clothing.

Fall protection devises like fall arrest kits, full body harnesses, energy absorber fall arrester are available according to customers requirement.

Electronic safety devices like gas detectors; Sound level meters etc. could be supplied as per customer requirement.


Future Technologies LLC is striving to encourage and enable Sustainable and Safer Life.

We work to protect the environment and life of all our fellow Human Beings during and after the work.

To grow with the Society in which we coexist, we use Most modern technology, Sustainable practices and Eco friendly Technology to protect the Environment in which we coexist with all other Living Organisms.


We strive to be the Best, Preferred and Reliable Organisation, in the Middle East Region, Providing High Quality Products, Affordable price and Best Services to the Industry.

Our Divisions

Oil and Gas Drilling Accessories

We would introduce our exclusive division for Import and Trading of Cementing products in the Sultanate of Oman and GCC. We offer a complete line of both welded and non-welded Bow Centralizers, Float Equipment and other accessories for Oil and Gas Drilling Industry. These product design and manufacturing expertise has been developed by experience, field knowledge & exposure to the technology by our overseas partner, throughout the world.

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